The CES Solution

Catalysts approach to addressing change management needed by Freeman involves a process that encompasses both the leadership and learning dimensions of the classroom and school infrastructure.  We strive to assist schools to become better equipped to educationally prepare students to achieve their goals.  Students need 21st Century skills of thinking, communicating, and producing in a digital environment to be successful.

CES success is founded on an approach that rapidly identifies and engages teams and systems that aggressively support districts to succeed in their change efforts, and provides regular on-site interaction to ensure that our customers are highly satisfied.

Our focus on optimal system matches ensures that any last minute criteria that were not in the solicitation are included in the CES expected outcomes matrix (EOM).  Developing the EOM clarifies the expectations for the outcomes and establishes a foundation for communication between CES and the hiring agency.  After the EOM is finalized, focused change management can begin.  Catalysts Educational Systems believes that rapidly and effectively addressing emerging issues is one more way to help guarantee success throughout the contract period.

The Site Facilitator for CES will meet with Freeman representatives periodically to conduct practical reviews of its professional services. This will promote open communication and help ensure Freeman’s ongoing satisfaction with the services provided. Catalysts’ believes that this form of business support is crucial and one reason that CES is distinguished for its exceptional level of proficiency. CES management efforts are designed to work hand-in-hand to create an environment that fosters success on all levels.