To promote Equal Academic Achievement CES suggests the following five facets to work with your staff: 

Strategic Planning: Examining Standards and Curriculum Mapping of Content
School Leadership, as well as lead teachers, will play an integral part in the development of the mapping of the order of the teaching of standards. Leadership will help correlate district goals with building initiatives.  Curriculum Mapping committee will evaluate when in the year to teach the standards so that you emphasis the important information BEFORE the State Standards Assessment Testing Block and at a time when it is natural in the learning process. It is a placement of skills on a continuum and placing the units taught in the correct order by mapping it on a calendar so everyone gets to the same place at the same time.

Professional Development: Technology and Curriculum Design
Provide in-service training to match the goals set as the priority by the Standards and Curriculum Map Committee. The focus will be on utilizing technology to teach skills to students in a planned manner. Teaching Strategies that can help us use data to effectively guide our education and technology decision-making will be an integral part of professional development. Our toolkit of lessons that have proved to provide student achievement will be made available to teachers during professional development opportunities.  The access to proven successful lesson will provide security to teachers in search of innovative ideas. 

Research and Evaluation: Data
Teacher will be given access to student data that will reflect their current student learning achievements as well as student attitudes to learning styles and preferences. Teachers can then compare the Standards assessments with the classroom assessments and provide learning experiences that promote student achievement. Systemic change and comprehensive data analyses can lead to increased student learning.

Student Achievement
Mastery of core subjects and 21st Century Skills is essential for this generation of students. Core skills will need to be taught in and interdisciplinary themed approach to meet the standards and encourage student achievement in the workplace of tomorrow. Parent access to grades online, teachers will maintain home pages that student may access from home to view homework assignments and the week’s curriculum, parent communication network will include emailed information and phone calls to students’ home regarding school events, homework clubs, and restructuring the role of instructional aides will provide support to the classroom teacher to help with student achievement.

Student Curriculum
Teaching manuals and Student textbooks will promote the Standards and Curriculum Map Sequence. The textbooks will also link to technology portals of study.  Freeman also has the option of including a technology services grant writer that will write and submit grants for the school in order to obtain additional funding for the purchase and distribution of PCs or laptops in the school.