CES is very familiar with providing services in time-limited situations. Selected as the vendor of educational change agent services, CES anticipates that services will start in two to four weeks of selection. Freeman can be assured that CES will maintain the required systems and will troubleshoot problems that may occur in a timely manner.

CES along with the appointed Training Specialist and Site Facilitator will organize the following five elements into the Freeman change model. 

Ø      Spring Standards and curriculum map committee.
Ø      Summer In-services on teaching practices and technology access of data on student achievement, teacher homepages and online grade book training.
Ø      First week of school in-services goals and lesson planning review
Ø      Monthly grade level meetings to review student achievement and curriculum map goals
Ø      Bi-monthly Lesson planning grade level meetings focusing on effective teaching ideas and lesson plans. 


Catalysts Educational Systems is registered with the Better Business Bureau and understands that it shall be responsible for all federal, state, and local withholdings along with liability insurance.

Catalysts change agent program is replicable and can provide services onsite at each of Freeman’s district schools.  Each component of the CES package will be provided at the competitive bid rates labeled in Table 1. 

Catalysts rates are based on the period of services described and are inclusive of all recruitment costs, contract management, wages, benefits, taxes, insurance, travel expenses, and all other support costs.  CES will invoice monthly for services provided as documented and approved by a Freeman official and will do so in a mutually acceptable format.  Rates will remain constant for the entire contract period and are renewable on an annual basis.